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Gah thinking bout you tons this weekend miss scrunch! I really can't believe it was a year ago. :| Remember the sunshine?!?! remember the loudness and the sleep deprivation and the shitty "tent" and the high australians? REMEMBER YOUR FIRST CORN DOG? *whispers* wehavetogoback

doing all of my assignments between acts, janelle monae giving me a sweet-ass high five, the girl next to me straight up doing cocaine off a straw during c2c without spilling a grain, so many miracles that weekend. our epic jazz riff-off competition. talking about important fanfic opinions to keep you awake when driving back to portland to give nick the in-n-out burger that he nEVER ATE. 

and goddd the “tent”. sleeping through the sandstorm in the “tent”. trying to shove the “tent” into the back of the car at 3am and the drunk australians losing their shit bc of how failtastic we were. WE ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GO BACK ;_;

throwback thursday: COACHELLA IS PREPARED FOR ALL OCCASIONS, featuring myself and tumblr user brad cracktastic preparing for coachella 2013

Heyy I love this Kanaya and Rose human thing you got here it's done really well!

thanks!! i’ve always really enjoyed drawing hijabi rose, and while i don’t really have humanstuck headcanons for most of the trolls i can’t imagine kanaya as anything other than muslimah. it’s something i plan to keep on doing!

I've been following you on tumblr ever since you posted that doodle of Blaine wearing pink high heels years ago. I'm wondering if you'd let me follow you on twitter? I banned myself from tumblr (the procrastination was really getting out of hand) but I'd still like to know what you're up to these days. There's a handful of tumblr users I followed not for their content (eg I don't read Homestuck) but for their personality and you're one of them :3

gosh that would’ve been…2011? i absolutely remember making frames for that so they would sparkle haha. i’m assuming you are klaine234908, as everyone else in my pending queue i know personally. i’ve accepted your request, and anyone else who’s interested in hearing me complain about my life can request to follow me at my twitter if they want! 

i will say tho i’m wary about accepting anons for what should be pretty obvious reasons — i’m making an exception this time but yeah, other folks, if you do want to follow my twitter, it’d be cool if you flicked me an ask off-anon about it, if you can! just for my own peace of mind heh

some big nerds from homestuck for 13/4, or 4/13 as you silly americans call it. the first art i ever did of hs was shitty johnkat… it has been An Age


hey friends! a little while back i submitted this to the welovefine homestuck t-shirt contest, and the excellent news is you can now RATE IT right here, from your very dashboard!!! think of how happy it would make your local universe to get to wear a cute sash and hold a mushroom bouquet. vote genesis frog 2k14!

I just had a look at the tshirt voting on welovefine and your lovely bilious slick is on page 5 of the most popular designs :D (I hope it goes higher, I would love it on a shirt!!)

YEAH!!!! i absolutely didn’t expect it to be that high up wow nice! i doubt it’ll get any higher bc there are some big name artists with work up in there but either way thats p cool!

(if it doesn’t win i’m totally going to print one for myself heh)