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porrim/roxy/latula you say??? [hacker voice] i'm in.


I also saw it being walt's control over jesse. The same iv wrapped around his hands is to going straight to walt making him walt's prisoner. It shows walt's control over him.

exactly right!!! originally i was going to have jesse’s hands behind his back but i changed my mind, because by season five it’s made explicitly clear that jesse is completely aware he is being controlled and manipulated — in the sense he is clearly able to see his bonds but for a myriad of reasons cannot, or chooses not, to escape them. additionally, walt’s hand wrapped around the IV is him commanding the situation; actively working the existing bond to his advantage and pulling jesse with him rather than passively letting him be strung along to his benefit. yeah art!!!!!


Rin looking very pg-13 in his sakura and shark tattoo sleeves and cola can.

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i just wanted to come and personally tell you how much i love your art piece 'baby blue'

that’s really sweet — thank you so much!! i rewatched season 5 recently and was thinking a lot about how different walt/heisenberg and jesse’s relationship to the blue sky business was through the series — how jesse is tied to it increasingly against his will (literally, by the end, heh) whereas for walt, verbatim: ‘it makes me feel alive’. so yeah, tl;dr, it was cool translating that into art and i’m glad you liked it!

today marks one year since the airing of felina, and so here is a (not-so) sweet breaking bad piece i call ‘baby blue’. two dudes in very different long-term relationships with the meth business — it’s one hell of a drug!